Tilda the Green Coffee Shop 

Tales of a Spring

Tilda the Green is the protagonist in a fairy tale for young and older adults.

She is a witch and the owner of a coffee shop that is set at the ground floor of her family's old house, where she lives. Come spring, Tilda's favorite season, the witch finds herself in a conflict with the Winter Fairy. The fairy, angry, promises she will keep the old house in permanent coldness, which could ruin the witch's café.

While Tilda tries to solve her dilemma with the fairy, she observes and takes part in the lives of some of the coffee shop's costumers: Marco, a lonely man who finds himself dispirited after moving into that city because of his job; Yuri, a young college student who is unhappy with the major he chose over music, his true passion; Matina, a mysterious woman who abandoned a promising career to live a simple life in the countryside; and Nina, a nerdy young lady who studies astronomy and loves poetry.

Join Tilda, her friends and her coven; and repeat after her daily mantra: may the right things find their way to happen.

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